Corporate Governance

Geron’s Board of Directors believes that sound governance practices and policies are important for our success as a company and for ensuring alignment with our stockholders. Here we share with you the corporate governance guidelines, code of conduct, Insider Trading Compliance Program, and charters of each of the Board Committees, along with a list of our current Board of Directors and the Board Committees on which they participate.

Stockholders wishing to contact Geron’s Board of Directors, may do so by writing c/o Stephen N. Rosenfield, Secretary, Geron Corporation, 149 Commonwealth Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025, or via email to

Governance Documents


Committee Charters

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Committee Composition

Independent Director Audit Compensation Nominating and Governance
John A. Scarlett, M.D.
Dawn C. Bir Nominating and Governance
Daniel M. Bradbury Audit Nominating and Governance
Karin Eastham Independent Director Audit Compensation
V. Bryan Lawlis, Ph.D. Audit Compensation
Susan M. Molineaux, Ph.D. Nominating and Governance
Elizabeth G. O'Farrell Audit
Robert J. Spiegel, M.D., FACP Compensation
= Independent Director = Chairperson = Member = Chairman of the Board = Financial Expert = Lead Director